Bulk Foam Bowls

We are a supplier of wholesale foam bowls for retail outlets and the food service industry.





ITEM DESCRIPTION Carton Pack Carton Weight (Lbs.) Cube Cartons/PalletCartons/Truckload
Readi Foam Plate, 7" 24/3582.30N/A1400*
Readi 3-Compartment Plate, 9"18/255.32.70N/A1260*
Readi Foam Plate, 10 3/4" Flat12/48134.75N/A715*
Readi Compartment Plate, 10 3/4"24/1283.51N/A965*
Readi Foam Tray, 9"x12"18/127.62.68N/A1268*
Readi Bowl 12oz36/30114.02N/A845*
Readi Bowl 20oz24/1591.47N/A2300*
Readi Foam Plate - 9"48/2514.55.00N/A680*
Readi Foam Plate - 9"30/3083.65N/A930*
Readi Foam Plate - 9"16/10019.36.13N/A550*
Readi Foam Plate, 9"24/50145.04N/A670*
Readi Foam Plate, 9"12/5073.39N/A1000*
Readi Foam Plate, 9"4/1255.52.47N/A1370*

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