Aluminum Tin Foil Trays

Heavy gauge dine out aluminum pans used wherever hot and cold foods are available for take-out.




Purchase DescriptionCube (CBM)Cartons / ContainerCarton PackCarton Dimensions (Centimeters)
Dine-Out Foil Lid For Half Size Steam Table Pan.020340010034.5cm x 28.5cm x 20cm
Dine-Out Foil Lid For Full Size Steam Table Pan.02133505055cm x 34.5m x 11cm
Dine-Out 1LB Oblong Pan.05311280100055cm x 25.5cm x 32cm
Dine-Out 1.5LB Oblong Pan.048138050062cm x 29cm x 39cm
Dine-Out 2.25LB Oblong Pan.055120050062cm x 33.5cm x 45cm
Dine-Out 4LB Oblong Pan.060110025044cm x 44cm x 33cm
Dine-Out Half Size Deep SteamTable Pan.046148010051cm x 33cm x 27.5cm
Dine-Out Half Size Medium Steam Table Pan.042162010050cm x 33cm x 27.5cm
Dine-Out Half Size Shallow Steam Table Pan.042162010051cm x 34cm x 27.5cm
Dine-Out Full Size Deep Steam Table Pan.06210605053.5cm x 37cm x 33.5cm
Dine-Out Full Size Medium Steam Table Pan.06210605054cm x 32.5cm x 33cm
Dine-Out 7" Round Aluminum Container.046144050047.5cm x 40cm x 47.5cm
Dine-Out 8" Round Aluminum Container.10564050038.5cm x 32cm x 38.5cm
Dine-Out 9" Round Aluminum Containerx59050051cm x 44cm x 44cm

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