Wholesale Aluminum Foil Rolls

Strong, premium quality heavy duty aluminum foil rolls that dispense to the size needed to facilitate food wrapping and food take out.




Heavy duty aluminum foil roll. Kosher certified and symbol on every box. Everyday usage of the roll includes cooking, serving, storing and freezing. These come in a wide range of sizes and heavy duty weights.


Purchase DescriptionCube (CBM)Cartons / PalletsCarton PackCarton Dimensions (Centimeters)
18"x1000' Aluminum Rolls, 18 Micron.020221 Pallets/Container160 Cartons/PalletN/A
24"x1000' Aluminum Rolls, 18 Micron.01221 Pallets/Container108 Cartons/PalletN/a
Dine-Out 12"x1000' Aluminum Rolls, 14 Micron.014921 Pallets/Container216 Cartons/PalletN/a
Dine-Out 18"x500' Aluminum Rolls, 14 Micron.020221 Pallets/Container160 Cartons/PalletN/A
Dine-Out 18"x500' Aluminum Rolls, 18Micron.020221 Pallets/Container160 Cartons/PalletN/A

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