Boxed Cutlery

Strong, premium quality boxed plastic cutlery available in either polypropylene or polystyrene as well as a variety of gram weights.

  • 4 colors: white, black, clear, beige
  • boxed 10/100
  • teaspoon
  • knife
  • fork
  • soupspoon


Purchase DescriptionCube (CBM)Cartons / ContainerCarton PackCarton Dimensions (Centimeters)
Captiva Plastic White Fork, Boxed (PPHW) .02406282610/10038cm x 26cm x 22.5cm
Captiva Clear Fork, Boxed, 5.2g (PSHW) .0211322610/10038cm x 26cm x 22.5cm
Captiva White Fork, Boxed with Window, 5.2g (PSHW).022305910/10038cm x 26cm x 22.5cm
Captiva Eco-Friendly Fork, Boxed with Window (PSM) .0235318010/10051cm x 23cm x 20cm
Captiva White Knife, Boxed With Window, 4.5g (PSHW).0144725100027cm x 20.5cm x 26cm
Captiva Eco-Friendly Knife, Boxed With Window, 5.6g (PSM).019351010/10033.5cm x 27.5cm x 21cm
Captiva White Soup Spoon, Boxed, 4.5g (PSHW).020333010/10052cm x 24 x 16cm
Captiva Plastic White TeaSpoons, Boxed, 4.5g (PSHW).0204333010/10033.5cm x 25cm x 20.5cm
Captiva Eco-Friendly Teaspoons, Boxed With Window (PSM) .0178381210/10045.5cm x 25cm x 17.5cm
Captiva White Teaspoon, Boxed With Window, 4.5g (PSHW) .019350410/10033cm x 24.5cm x 24cm

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