Wholesale Tissues – Captiva Brand Facial Tissues

Soft and absorbent 2-ply facial tissue with sneeze guard that are interfolded to pop up one tissue at a time.  For retail sale and away from home use.

FSC certification available for this product






Purchase DescriptionCube (CBM)Cartons / ContainerCarton PackCarton Dimensions (Centimeters)
Captiva Faciail Tissue 2Ply, Virgin, 7.5"x8"/19.5x20cm With Plastic Sneeze Guard .032321003055cm x 21cm x 28cm
Captiva Facial Tissue Sani-Hanks 2Ply, 40 Sheets ,Virgin, 7.9"x5"/20cmx12.5cm.068499520056cm x 52cm x 23.5cm
Captiva Facial Tissue 2Ply, Cube, 84 Sheets,Virgin, With Plastic Sneeze Guard, 7.5"x8"/19.5cmx20cm .060711203634.5cm x 34.5cm x 51cm

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